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Dick's 10 Best Map Web Sites


 GeoXT Click Here.

A compact Trimble hand-held GPS with Trimble Office software. Outstanding value.

Terra Server

Here's a satellite view of anywhere on earth. Presented as the "World's Largest Online Database", Microsoft offers Russian SPIN-2 mapping satellite and United States Geological Survey (USGS) satellite images for a bird's eye view of the earth. Just enter a location in a selected format and you can play Russian spy!

NASA Image Gallery
Download NASA photo, video and audio archives

On-line Map Creation
Create maps interactively with supplied form, then download your work

Tele Atlas Geographic Network
Free data and data for purchase.  100 free geocodes.  Free demo route planning.  Map to shape file conversion, real-time traffic and more.

JPL Imaging Radar
View the earth via 3-D overflys

U.S. Census Tiger Mapping Service
Put a tiger in your GIS. Direct Map Request site for Tiger files

Digital Chart of the World
The complete Digital Chart of the World (DCW)

  U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Quads-R-US. Data section is loaded with free quads, Wetlands stuff too.

GLOBE Visualization Server
Environmental data images from all over the world

The Alexandria Project
So we lied to you! There are really 11 Best Map Web Sites. We couldn't leave this one out. The Alexandria Digital Library at the University of California Santa Barbara is now in beta testing for signup and comment. You will have a look into the future. Imagine: enter a geographic location and gain access to all the digital maps, photographs, documents etc. related to the selected location. The Alexandria Project potential is mind-boggling.


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