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Yellow Pages Superhighway
Here is the "mother" of all yellow pages. Search over 300 yellow page directories world wide. A few examples: Alaska Yellow Pages, Oman Yellow Pages, Polish Yellow Pages, UK Yellow Pages, American Yellow Pages, Greek Yellow Pages, Hawaii Yellow Pages and many more! At site click on "300+ Yellow Pages" link.

Latitude/Longitude Distance Calculation
Find the distance between two points by entering the latitudes and longitudes.

Virtual People Search Engines
Here is the "mother" of all people search links. You can find about anyone, anywhere with the links provided. Where Did They Move To? Find a Celebrity! Ancestry Search! Find People in the Military! And on and on.

Find an Address
This ones a winner! Input an address and return information about the address and (optionally) an ETAK map to go with it.

Area Code Lookup
Find the area code for any city and access the white and yellow pages for people and businesses.

Zip Find
Find the distance between any two Zip codes

Search for a Place
Enter city name and Zip code. Back comes population, longitude and latitude and finally a Tiger map of area. Data layers can be turned on or off. And guess what? The map can be downloaded as a GIF image. Neat.

Find a Feature's Lat/Long and 7.5' Quad
A USGS special section for finding the Lat/Long of any feature in your city plus the associated USGS 7.5' Quad sheet. Just put your city in "Feature Name" and your county in "County Name."

Driving Directions
Tell MapQuest where you are and where you want to go, your driving preferences, and like magic you receive an overview map or a turn-by-turn map to your destination.

Reverse Lookup
If you are having trouble finding someone by the convential means, try reverse lookup. Enter phone number, house number, area code, or Email and locate the reverse way.

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